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Why? From our spirited elders and fellow patients, we find cause for innovation.

We believe that all human beings can live a free, long & vital life with loving connection and engagement.


Like in 2012 during Hurricane Sandy, when we served our elders

Our CEO, Minda carried water and supplies to her fellow New Yorkers (80+ flights of stairs daily!) to elders, disabled and other vulnerable folks.

At a Queens high-rise, Minda was alarmed to hear about an elderly man who died alone during the hurricane - as his family had simply not known his situation was dire, despite communicating with him.

We created Vytality because our elders and all patients deserve freedom and respect, and we want to make it easy for caregivers to 1) have authentic and caring relationships with them, and 2) be thoroughly informed.

Minda & Allan, whose friendship as NYC neighbors inspired Peakfoqus

The Postwar Generation's wisdom

Minda's friend and 92 year old neighbor Allan took care of her when Minda had a traumatic brain injury in 2011 - and she helped care for him when he fell the following year.

Minda writes about Allan, who passed away in December:

"...How you and I chatted late into the night about our adventures from the day and week. How you saw the world as an artist, and sharing our work. That chat when you explained happiness to me - to stay curious, to love, to take things as they come."

Communities can find that keeping in touch with our elders improves our own health and hearts, as well as theirs.

The good news:

Despite the stereotypes, many of our elders and patients are interested in learning new technology and using it to improve their health and lives. -Pace U Study Group

And for those who aren't - we have solutions.