Who We Are

Our organization, Peakfoqus, is rooted in research and advocacy to support health.


Minda Aguhob

Chief People Advocate/CEO & Founder

Trained as a data scientist in education and healthcare, Minda discovered her passion for community- and data-driven peak performance while competing in her first triathlon. Her experience serving seniors and disabled folks after Hurricane Sandy and as a traumatic brain injury patient cemented her determination to provide a powerful solution for patients and elderly. She believes in the power of "humanizing" technologies as one of the most powerful ways to transform the lives of all, regardless of age.


Troy Simon


Troy's healthcare IT background includes five years of building and designing multiple healthcare data platforms, including an app and beacon system currently being implemented at Oschner Healthcare in Louisiana. A serial entrepreneur, Troy's startups have been acquired by companies like Zillow. His company built Gymfarm, a revolutionary product using iBeacon technology.


Daniel Faber

Advisor, Business development

A serial entrepreneur and former CEO of Deep Space Industries Inc., Daniel has grown several high tech companies from startup through to commercial success. He is the recipient of multiple innovation awards and been granted a number of patents in the fields of mining, medical imaging, and aerospace. Daniel has served as a director and officer in several non-governmental organizations, including founding the Canadian Space Commerce Association.

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Design, Connection, Love
From vulnerable, spirited folks, we find cause for innovation.