What is Vytality™?

Vytality is an elegant health app (on phones, smart watches, computers, TV) that facilitates health conversations for focus, freedom, and peace of mind for families & communities.

Vytality Basic available in Fall 2017 is real-time information optionally shared with trusted community:

  • Activity level (incl steps)
  • Emergency beacon
  • Location tracking
  • Heart rate
  • Ease of communication with selected family, friends, caregivers

Vytality Full available in 2018 includes Vytality Basic + Vytality Concierge™ where members of the family and community are supported by real humans and proprietary AI technology:

  • Health & schedule prompts that really help, driven by AI and real humans
  • Access (and optionally share) selected information from providers' EHR
  • You and your community's own branded app

Peakfoqus created Vytality to serve families and communities for peak health and safety, connecting our member communities with authenticity and caring.

Let us know your thoughts here or at info@peakfoqus.com.

How can I contact Vytality customer service?

You can email customer service at info@myvytality.com

or call us at 415-494-7926 with any questions.

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