From spirited elders and patients, we find cause for innovation.

The U.S. population of elders is doubling over the next few decades. How can we bring together existing resources for our elders effectively, today? What's already available to elders that simply needs finer coordination to be better utilized?

We know that better health happens through a well-connected, caring community. Peakfoqus research decided to analyze census data to understand readily available support for housing and health. Our preliminary research on housing, a difficult local issue in the Bay area, revealed readily available resources.

The US Dept of Housing and Urban Development's Housing Voucher program is the federal government's major program for assisting very low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled to afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing in the private market. It appears there are many unused vouchers in our communities! Yet upon closer look, many communities such as SF have...


Originally published in Tech Enhanced Life

How caregivers can adapt so seniors can live a true expression of who they really are.

I mean, who really wants to play f-ing Bingo?” mused senior Allan Bertram.

At age 92, many people might think that Bingo is, in fact, an appropriate activity for him to do. This, however, is not what came to light in a number of conversations we had with seniors which revealed there’s a lot to improve in how we engage with and understand seniors.

Each senior we spoke with was strong and passionate.

Allan Bertram, the same man who pooh-poohed Bingo, is a suave, energetic, lifelong New Yorker and active musician/actor/writer who has a great mind that doesn't forget much. He actively continues to write novels and invent products today.

How does he manage to be so dynamic at his age, while others live teetering on the edge of death?



Laurie Orlov wrote in her Aging in Place Tech blog: Boomers and adoption of mobile health. Not so fast.


Inspired by Mark Hager's article, "If I Were So Brave: America Isn’t Ready for Aging Boomer Crisis": During my Hurricane Sandy experience, I and others were helping elderly and disabled folks stuck at the tops of their buildings. We were so upset that the big agencies like FEMA and Red Cross were completely siloed and ineffective in their approach to these needs.

And there was no statistical information to spread the word and get additional help. Though Palantir was on the ground building a database to do this, it wasn't immediately helpful as they were just getting started.

What if everyone were on the same page for the silver tsunami (and Hurricane Sandy's to come)? What systems can we put in place to make it easy for us to work together?

We want to align communities so in a disaster, we can...


(Written 4 years ago, on June 7, 2011)

I will not be disabled permanently!

Even with my current memory and balance issues. I was deeply scared, depressed and afraid during my first 2 weeks after the accident. But…two doctors, my orthopedist (spine) and alternative med doc, had positive things to say this week. And thanks to my friends and family who visited me in the hospital and at home, even with my Keppra-induced bizarre behavior. You are saints.

I keep getting asked “WHAT HAPPENED?” So this is for my friends and family who care and didn’t know. As I like to write, this is a good memory exercise for me. I keep asking people too, bc I have total amnesia of my accident, and near total amnesia of the hospital stay and the week following.

May 14, 2011: During an 80 mile bike ride to Bedford, NY with the A19 sig of the New York Cycling Club, training for a trip (since, canceled) to the Pyrenees in France, I crashed bad. Had a good ride beforehand with my friend and ride leader, @Alan Resnick, providing...


I created my personal mission – to raise the level of love in action in the world – in 2012, right before Hurricane Sandy happened. On Day 1 after the storm, my friend Patrycja reported her volunteer efforts on Facebook.

It touched me deeply. I organized a group of volunteers at my gym to do what she did: climb stairs to carry water and supplies to seniors and disabled stuck at the tops of their buildings.

Though the Red Cross and FEMA had arrived, many residents’ needs were not being met in the Rockaways. Then we found at a Rockaways high-rise that a senior had died alone during the hurricane. Tragically, his family had been nearby the week before, and chosen not to stop by and say hello to him.

Because of him, I formed the concept of Peakfoqus Vytality™:

An elegant smart timepiece for seniors and patients with health and safety monitoring that acknowledges their sense of style and vitality – so they will wear it. That way, a senior’s family could easily track their well being — and avoid tragic...