Vytality™ connects community and caregivers for peak health.

An app that works on all platforms, from smart watch/phone to TV, for health, safety and independence.

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What the media says:

The Peakfoqus story was ignited when Minda's dear best friend and 90-year old neighbor Allen fell... Minda started researching options available for tech curious seniors. -Kelly Hoey, Inc. Magazine - June 10, 2016

Peakfoqus... says that it’s wrong to think that older people won’t embrace technology. -Katy Steinmetz, Time Magazine - June 22, 2015

Minda Aguhob ... just started a new partnership with an undisclosed "major medical center" that specializes in senior health. -Jose Fermoso, Silicon Valley Business Journal - February 6, 2015

[Vytality] will make senior citizens more tech savvy while giving them the help they need. -The Pace Peakfoqus Study Group

Just be.


About Vytality

    Vytality is a platform-independent app for phones, smart watches, computers and TV that provides peace of mind for users and their families.

    Vytality Basic available in Fall 2017:

    • Medication reminders
    • Activity level (incl steps)
    • Emergency beacon
    • Location tracking
    • Heart rate
    • Ease of communication

      with selected family, friends, caregivers

    Vytality Full available in 2018:

    • Includes Vytality Basic + Vytality Concierge™ where all members of the family and community can feel supported and cared for by real humans, supported by proprietary technology.

    Peakfoqus created Vytality to serve caregivers, seniors and users, connecting our member communities with authenticity and caring.

    Do you like what you see? Let us know your thoughts here or at info@peakfoqus.com.


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    To connect people for peak health

    Be healthier than your grandkids.

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